Booking Conditions and payment

Once the booking is confirmed by Ksar Shama after validation and confirmation of the accuracy of your credit card for payment and you will be irrevocably linked to your reservation by clicking on the “Confirm Reservation” button on our website. We will send you confirmation of your booking by e-mail to the address you have given us, to this end we ask that you ensure the validity of the latter. You will receive confirmation within 12 hours open after your reservation request.

The currency in which prices are shown is the euro or the Moroccan dirham. However, these prices converted to Euros are used for illustrative purposes only. The only real authentic and accurate price on our website are those expressed in local currency is the Moroccan dirham, this says that the deposit is charged to your credit card in Moroccan dirham.
The Confirmation sent by e-mail demonstrates the validity of your booking. It contains all the information about it. Please read carefully and verify all information contained in our confirmation e-mail to make sure they conform to your booking. You must present this e-mail confirmation upon your arrival at the hotel.


When making a booking on our website, you must send us information about your credit card as its number and expiration date to be entered on the secure platform of Maroc Telecommerce (Operator secure payment Morocco) .

The payment of a deposit is required to hold your reservation, This will be clearly explained and detailed on our website during your booking process before clicking the button “Confirm your booking.” Once your reservation is confirmed, a deposit specified during the booking process is directly debited from your credit card. The payment currency is the Moroccan dirham.
This deposit will be charged by Ksar Shama, as it will appear on your credit card statement with the trade name “Company Kasbah Shama” Ksar Shama, acting with authority to collect on behalf of “Company Kasbah Shama.” If your reservation is not confirmed, no amount will be charged to your credit card. We accept payment cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Ksar Shama in any case can not be held responsible for any commission exchange fees performed by your bank. The balance of the room (s) reserved hotel (s) and all other costs arising out of your stay must be paid upon arrival to the hotel in local currency.